“Within minutes of our first appointment, I felt like Adam and I had been close friends for years. Adam has such a naturally positive and encouraging presence… it’s uncanny how infectious it is. It was impossible for me – no matter what kind of mood I was in going into a session – to not leave that session completely pumped up and ready to take on the world. I couldn’t help but look forward each week for the next one, and I’m usually the kind of guy who doesn’t like to open up. The insight he provided me with was profound enough to cement itself in my mind for the rest of my life and his outlook on life is something I strive to adopt one day. Its evident how much passion Adam has for his work and I wish him nothing but success in his future.”

Alex – Indianapolis, IN

“Adam’s process isn’t [about] telling you what to do, it involves him helping you discover yourself and how to better your relationships in your life. It’s not something that is only reserved for someone with major issues; it helped me to look at my life from the essence of who I really am, not just how I thought everyone else saw me. It has been truly beneficial to start living my life from that place.”

Ben – St. Louis, MO

"Thanks for helping me identify/acknowledge things in my business plan that really needed to be reinforced. As a long time business owner, I thought that I had everything under control and didn't need anyone's help. Thanks for proving me wrong and getting me past my blocks!" 

Steve - St. Louis, MO

"Working with Adam was a valuable experience for me. His humanity and willingness to get my point of view made it so easy to share with him what was happening in my life. As a coach as well, he supported me in normalizing my breakdowns; in seeing that I really can have what I want. While working with him, I created breakthroughs in self-care, in my relationship with my wife, and my relationship to family." 

Zach - Washington D.C.

"Hired him a year ago and he has really helped me with my business. He is very insightful, listens extremely well, and finds a solution for your current business problem. He rocks!"

Bob - St. Louis, MO

"Adam is passionate about helping others. As a coach he is a true listener and mentor. I highly recommend him."

Daniel - St. Louis, MO

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