My name is Adam Sachs. If you'd met the man I was seven years ago, you would not recognize him compared to who I am today. As a result of coaching, I have experienced a profound shift in my understanding of myself and what I am capable of. It is my honor to facilitate this experience for others.  

Many of us are working towards something. We want to create success, experience happiness, and seize the short time we’re here on earth for all it’s worth. Since I talk to people for a living, I can confidently tell you that we are all much more similar than we are different. Many of us put our career and business success into a box that we believe is the result of how much we “do”. While this works for a time, it only gets us so far. My clients have arrived at a place where the skills, talents and strategies that got them to their present level of success cannot take them to what is next.

It's at the intersection of your exciting vision and the edge of your comfort zone, where coaching becomes incredibly effective. I have watched people take actions they never thought themselves capable of, say things to themselves and others they were too scared to say, and love and accept themselves where they thought it was impossible before.

As a coach, my job is to be an authentic partner for you. This does not mean being all-knowing or having all the answers, nor does it mean being a “yes-man.” Instead, I hold you to the possibility you see for yourself and help you create the structure and actions you need to get there. Equally important, I see it as my job to be constantly on my own growth-edge, because I believe you cannot take people farther than you have gone yourself. I love my job, my clients, and I’d love to get to know you too.



“Because you are alive, everything is possible.”

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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